Ayur Naturo Yoga Centre

The home stay's health care wing "Ayur Naturo Yoga Centre" is nurtured by the extravagant Wayanadan nature. The centre is a new generation health care hub. It has developed a rare mixture of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy in tunes with the pace of modern life. The center emphasizes on nature and its curing powers.

Located in the midst of rich organic farmlands of coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca nut and banana, it ensures the guests the curing powers of nature. Here, nature will strengthen all your positive vibrations and rejuvenate you with its mysterious curing powers. Our ancestral knowledge about life, nature, body and soul are reinvented here to find their application in a modern world. The centre offers you a variety of flexible packages including various therapies and treatments.

Our Healthcare specialists

A vibrant team of well qualified health experts is dedicated themselves to realize the modern avatar of ancient healthcare techniques. All of them got their degrees from major institutions in flying colors. Being experts in Naturopathy, Yoga, Spas and associated therapies, they are capable of go beyond the usual patient - doctor relationship. Many of them are regular visitors of various foreign resorts as consultants for Panchakarma and Therapies.
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