Wayanad is a famous tourist hot spot in South India. Designed by god's own hands, it has an upper hand over other tourist spots in the country. Major indigenous people zone, rare varieties of flora and fauna, the ancient Tirunelly temple, prehistoric engravings at the Edakkal Caves, the spectacular waterfalls of soochipara and meenmutty, island of Kuruva, kalpetta peaks, wild life sanctuaries, lofty ridges, dense forests, deep valleys etc. are some of the Wayanadan nature's advantages.
Wayanad tribes, Panichi with child

Wayanad tribes

Wayanad has a history up to prehistoric period. Edakkal caves located 25 km from Wayanad indicates presence of a prehistoric civilization. The pictorial writings inside the caves are believed to be of Neolithic man. These stone carvings are rare and only known examples from south India.
Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves

The 18th century war hero Pazhassi Raja made Wayanad forests his battle ground for guerilla war against the British rulers. The indigenous people in Wayanad helped him in a bloody battle against the mighty British. After a heroic effort he lost the war and dead. His memorial is a busy tourist spot now.
Pazhashi Tomb

Pazhashi tomb

The flora and fauna of Wayanad are characteristic of the Western Ghats and the plantation crops grown in the cool climate are plenty. The reserve forest, lofty ridges up above dense forest, tangled jungles, fog, deep valleys and alternate plantations give a marvelous spot for tourists. No tourist will climb down the pass without saying "It's a paradise on earth".
Lake Chembra

Lake chembra

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